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Salk Institute

Taking this shot was a bit of an ordeal. First let me say, the Salk Institute has an awesome photography policy… Take as many pictures as you want so long as you don’t use models, […]

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Arch Cove – Laguna Beach

  It’s been a fairly busy Summer, but I did manage to carve out some time for my 10th wedding anniversary (otherwise I may not have had an 11th!).  My wonderful wife and I packed […]

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The Devil’s Golf Course – Death Valley

Sunrise at The Devil’s Golf Course just north of the main salt flats of Badwater, was much warmer than it was at RaceTrack Playa… to the tune of 20 degrees.  The sunrise was a bit […]

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The Grandstand – Death Valley Landscape

Everyone says Death Valley is the hottest place on the plant.  I beg to differ.  On the morning when Mike Olbinski, Chris Frailey and I made the mile or so trek out to the Grandstand […]

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Long Exposure Tutorial

  I had a plan for this shot… super long exposure with the storm clouds and the pier. Only problem was that the sun was brighter than … well than the sun. Best I could […]

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