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Where’s the @$%^ Sunset, eh?

Earlier this year I went camping in Joshua Tree with buddies Mike Olbinski, Chris Frailey, Heath O’Fee, Chris D’Angelis, and Doug Wise.    I have been hoarding most of the photos from that trip… until now.  […]

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Tutorial Tuesday – Scottsdale Family Pictures

Photography Tutorial It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  It has been crazy with the never ending remodel, the move, and the volume of work (for which I am thankful!).  Unfortunately the website, social media […]

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Bristol | Scottsdale Baby Pictures

Newborn Photography  Although taking pics of newborn babies is not my norm, I am still a photographer right?  It can’t be that hard… plop the baby down on something furry, stick a fun hat on […]

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SheaXero ™ | Commercial Photography

SheaXero ™  Needless to say, I was excited when the great folks at Trilogy® asked me to shoot parts of their new ad campaign for SheaXero.  SheaXero, through a number of innovative construction techniques and […]

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Pine Island – Part 2

Things have been quite busy so far this year, with a number of new commercial clients in Scottsdale as well as Seattle.  Add to that the house we’ve been remodeling and it’s not left me […]

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