The Devil’s Golf Course – Death Valley

Sunrise at The Devil’s Golf Course just north of the main salt flats of Badwater, was much warmer than it was at RaceTrack Playa… to the tune of 20 degrees.  The sunrise was a bit of a dud, but we managed to still get a few decent pics between us (Mike Olbinski and Chris Frailey).  The best part?  We only had to walk about 20 feet from our “camp” (if you can call 3 dudes sleeping in a rental Suburban a camp) to get to where we wanted to go.

Here is another 10 stop ND filter image.  I tend to favor these when shooting landscapes with any type of natural movement such as clouds or water.  I am completely convinced these rock salt formations are alien and not from Earth.

The Devil's Golf Course

Devil’s Golf Course

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