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Bristol | Scottsdale Baby Pictures

Newborn Photography 

Although taking pics of newborn babies is not my norm, I am still a photographer right?  It can’t be that hard… plop the baby down on something furry, stick a fun hat on them, and shoot away.  Easier said than done. 

Ambient light from the large windows was not cutting it.  Enter 1 SB600 on 1/32 power in a Westcott 50” softbox camera left (just out of frame) and a 42” silver reflector camera right.  The low power of the speed light enabled me to keep my aperture in the f1.8 to f2.5 at ISO 320 to 400.  Baby Bristol was just shy of 4 weeks old, roughly twice the outer age limit for newborn photos, and was much more active and inquisitive than anticipated.  It took the combined efforts of Mom and Dad to keep her sleepy and “moldable”.  As a result we were only able to grab 3 solid poses before we had to call it quits.  Here is one of my favorites.


Bristol is a beautiful baby!  Thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing me to capture this special time, and thanks to my good pal Ken for “renting” me his hats.

SheaXero ™ | Commercial Photography

SheaXero ™ 

Needless to say, I was excited when the great folks at Trilogy® asked me to shoot parts of their new ad campaign for SheaXero.  SheaXero, through a number of innovative construction techniques and the generous use of solar panels, reduces electric bills to $0 is most cases.  The best part?  SheaXero is now “standard” on most, if not all, Trilogy® homes.  For the campaign, they built these amazing studios to show off the features of Xero and in case you weren’t sure where to go, they marked the studio entrance with a gigantic 6 to 7 foot tall aluminum “X” covered in artificial grass.


Below are a few shots from a very quick 1 hour shoot out at Encanterra Country Club.  As a commercial photographer, or any kind of photographer for that matter, it is always cool to see your photos in various forms, whether that be in newspapers, magazines, or plastered all over the web.

Pine Island – Part 2

Things have been quite busy so far this year, with a number of new commercial clients in Scottsdale as well as Seattle.  Add to that the house we’ve been remodeling and it’s not left me with much time for any “me” photography or much time to keep up with the blog or partake in social media.  Take today’s photo for example; I took this at some point in the late summer of 2011.  It is one of many photos I want to share, but simply haven’t had the time to post.  Related photos from the same beach are here and here.