Monthly Archives: April 2011


Thank You Sir, May I have Another?

My man Chris Nitz has a cool feature on Fridays called Beer Label Friday.  Here is my attempt to do it justice.  While this was not my beer, I’m sure it was enjoyed by someone […]

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End of an Era – Tutorial Tuesday

Well, it had to happen eventually I guess.  Despite thinking I would have it forever, I had to pull the trigger and get rid of my Mercedes Benz E55.  Although no tears were actually shed, […]

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Fountain at MGM

Anytime you are in Las Vegas with a group of people, you always have to have a designated meeting spot.  You know, “Hey lets meet in 10 minutes by the [fill in the blank].”  When […]

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Grand Falls

Part 5 As we bopped down the 10 miles or so of dirt road, the excitement was starting to build for the Falls.  By this time, buddies Scott and Dee had joined us as well. […]

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Get Your Kicks… On Route 66

Part 4… Once we finished in Two Guns, we headed east down I-40 to Winslow.  You got it, THE “Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona such a fine sight to see; Its a girl […]

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