Snow in Phoenix

Snow in the High Desert

It seems strange to say it but… we were blessed with snow here in Phoenix last weekend. It only happens once every couple of years or so, and when it does it is quite the sight. So, last Sunday I packed up the three boys, all my camera gear, some blankets, a battery powered lamp and a shovel (driving down forest roads can be hit or miss as far as conditions go and I do NOT want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere). My 5 year old was super excited. He calls it “going on an adventure”, which I guess it somewhat is. We didn’t find too much adventure though. All 3 boys fell asleep and I only took 3 photos the entire day, this being one of them.

This stretch of road is the last of the pavement before it turns into a decently well traveled dirt road (mud road on Sunday). Although I like this picture, I plan to return in the near future. I have “alternate” plans for this location and I am fairly excited to return.

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  1. Chris Nitz March 4, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    I so enjoy road shots, and this is no different. Great capture!

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